IGNITE jar - ROSE perfecto 6 x 56, 10ct WHITE, CIGARS FOR WARRIORS (limited release)

$ 53.75

For this campaign, this jar contains 10 - ROSE perfecto 6 x 56 cigars.

MSRP $100.00 per jar.

Teaming up with premium cigar retailers and sponsors to help select charities, Southern Draw Cigars is proud to announce its new charitable strategy as we endeavor to IGNITE some good.
Our Vision.

IGNITE, is a creative way for Southern Draw Cigars to dedicate NEW release cigars to provide hope, morale and charity to those in need. Southern Draw Cigars with its partners will join together by voluntarily assisting in all lawful ways, to support mutually agreed upon charities and causes. The primary focus will be serving:

1. Active-duty, deployed, military veterans and their families;
2. Premium cigar rights and cigar retail associations; and
3. Our community’s needy, homeless and hungry, many of whom are US military veterans.

Our Values.

1. Ambition – IGNITE partners and sponsors will be demanding of ourselves, providing our first and best cigar offerings and are each committed to increasing annual contributions for every cause we agree to support.
2. Collaboration – INGITE partners value one another, thrive on our united resources, and will work to leverage our combined strength in making a difference, without placing the financial burden on any single party regardless of their own resources.